DEVMAR’S Achievements


Devmar’s team participated in the start up and financing of several High tech companies such as:

  1. TelWeb (from idea to market and sold, 7 years later, to Schlumberger for 43million$);
  2. Cifra Medical, the first telemedicine company in Canada
  3. Lyrtech (becamepublic during the mandate),
  4. Coractive High Tech (12 million$ invested by FidelityInvestment);
  5. Vaperma (major partners: SDTC, Team, Encana, Emerald Technology Ventures),
  6. CREAFORM (from idea to market and sold to Ametek in 2013 for 180 million USD) developed a network of local offices in Canada, USA, Japan, China, India, Brazil, France and Germany to name a few.

Devmar’s team established a European distribution network for the following companies:

  1. Toptech, (for introduction and sales in Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Tunisia, Morocco),
  2. Telweb(for introduction and sales in France, Holland, U.K.)
  3. Direct sales for 3D Cellular (for introduction and sales in Italy, USA)
  4. Cimaf (for introduction and sales in Chile),
  5. Avant-Garde Engineering (for introduction and sales in USA),
  6. Black and Green, an Indian company (for introduction and sales in Morocco),
  7. ActivNetworks, a French company (for introduction and sales in Pakistan),
  8. Anep Anywhere, a French company (for introduction and sales in countries Italy, Netherlands and Sweden)

Devmar’s team headed several major Economic Development projects for:

  1. La Cité del’Optique de Québec, which included the new 45 million$ construction of the Optic and Photonic R&D Center of Laval University; in France: La Cité du Multimédia de Franche-Comté, which included the creation and implementation of Numerica

(; in Brazil: Betimes Technology Park project sponsored by Petrobras. In 2012, has also been realized an analysis of the market value of 415 patents owned by Hydro-Quebec (research center owned by Government of Province of Quebec).

  • Since 2008, DEVMAR has generated 200 presentations to qualified potential clients
  • Presentations were realized in over 50 different countries
  • Presentations were made to Major International Groups in 4 continents 
  • Trial projects and proof of concepts are currently underway with various groups in 3 continents
  • Successful sales were made in Europe and North America areas.

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