Technology Valorisation :
  • Devmar International will undertake market studies, participate in technology choices and selection, ensure proper fit between technology push and market pull, head the negotiation on transfer of intellectual property to industry members or customers.
  • Devmar, along the process, will produce a business plan which will include positioning and communication tools in order to address the potential markets.
  • The business plan will also include financial revenues and expenses forecasts and will identify targeted partners and customers.
  • Devmar will also help in final negotiation and signature of agreement

Sales Network Deployment :

  • DEVMAR works closely with your organization to understand your products and services offered.
  • DEVMAR together with your team builds the OFFER for its network of agents which may consist of :
    • Clearly presenting your company, your products/services,
    • Identify the potential client’s key contact persons your organization needs to approach
    • Determine the sales process and remuneration package to be offered to the agent who will drive the contact.

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